Infinity Credit Bonus

This is the INDUSTRY'S FIRST deposit bonus with no limits to how much bonus you can get - regardless of the size of your deposits! We have created the best bonus program you can get from a pure STP broker. If you are searching for the best bonus program for forex traders, your search ends here!

Register now and start collecting your bonus!

Collect all 6 levels of bonuses!

First USD10,000

10% Bonus

Next USD10,000

25% Bonus

Next USD10,000

20% Bonus

Next USD10,000

15% Bonus

Next USD10,000

10% Bonus

From USD50,000 to Infinity

8% Bonus

Why is our Bonus the best bonus for you?

No limits on how much bonus you can get

We are the FIRST broker in the market to offer unlimited bonus regardless of the size of your deposit!

Losable Bonus

Your bonus will not be removed when you lose more than your deposit. It will support your margin in trading.

Internal transfer allowed between self-directed MT4 accounts

Your bonus will not be removed when you make a MT4 internal transfer to your own self-directed MT4 account but it will be transferred proportionally.

No minimum trading volume requirement

There are no trading volume requirements in order to keep your bonuses.

How much will you get if you make a deposit of USD100,000 ?

Bonus Levels
Level 1 10% Bonus USD1,000
First USD10,000
Level 2 25% Bonus USD2,500
Next USD10,000
Level 3 20% Bonus USD2,000
Next USD10,000
Level 4 15% Bonus USD1,500
Next USD10,000
Level 5 10% Bonus USD1,000
Next USD10,000
Level 6 8% Bonus USD4,000
Remaining USD50,000

Terms & Conditions

1) The Bonus is a form of losable credit bonus, which may not be withdrawn.

2) The Bonus is calculated per Client, not per MT4 ID.

3) The Bonus is removed proportionally to the percentage of the requested amount of withdrawal. For example, withdrawing 25% from your balance will result in the removal of 25% of your Bonus.

4) The Bonus is only given on a Personal Trading Account, not Copy Trading Account or Investor Account.

5) Client will need to submit a request via their FX1 Markets Suite.

6) The Company reserves the right to not issue the Bonus to any client.

7) The Company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

8) The Bonus is only applicable to deposits from 1st June 2020.

9) Maximum leverage 1:200.

10) Calculations are based on Net deposits (Total amount funded minus total amount withdrawn).

The Bonus is open to clients globally.

For more information, kindly refer to the full Terms & Conditions here.


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