How to Build a View and Maintain Trading Discipline Webinar

This week, we have Mr. Justin Low, an internationally renowned and award-winning trader for another exciting lesson. Justin is an advisor and coach to many institutions as well as top individual traders globally. Low is also our lead trading analyst, working closely with our CEO and COO. Be sure to watch this session!

Date: 23/4/2020 Time: 8pm (Singapore 3me) Check it out here

VIP Webinar

This is what the two weeks of training has culminated in. The CEO of FX1 Markets, Dr. A. J. Minai, and a very special guest, will make an epic announcement to reveal some shiny new updates that will blow your mind! Look forward to find out some amazing changes that will affect you in a big way!

Date: 1/5/2020 Time: 5pm (Singapore 3me) Check it out here

Special remarks from FX1 Markets’ CEO, Dr. A.J. Minai

After two weeks of intense online training with some of the best forex players in the market, our CEO would like to say a few parting words to help you move forward profitably with all that you’ve learned.

Date: 24/4/2020 Time: 8pm (Singapore Time) Check it out here